Over 5000 NZ children are in foster care due to serious neglect or abuse and, despite best intentions, they are often separated and can change families up to 3 times per year.

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Concerned about Child Abuse in NZ? We are.
Homes of Hope Charitable Trust provides an innovative response to children in need of care and protection due to neglect and/or abuse.

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Too many New Zealand children are abused and hurting. More than 6000 of them have had to be removed from their homes because of this.  And there are many who remain hurting and abused.  They don't live in safe homes and without help and intervention they can become hurting adults, and hurting adults can create more hurting children.

Here at Homes of Hope we provide these children with safe, loving homes away from the mayhem and chaos.  And we do more.  Much more! Not only do we provide these loving, safe homes for as long as the children need them, we keep their brothers and sisters together, and we don’t want them being moving about! We weave a beautiful kete of whanau community around them to support, nurture, guide and lead them.  And we ensure our whanau receive top-rate support, training and on-going supervision, care and respite and encouragement. 

And we don’t stop there!  

Importantly we have a unique and thoroughly researched and proven therapeutic practice that ensures that there is a time and place for each precious child to recover, to heal and begin to grow and thrive and so become a great New Zealander – with a place to stand.

Two things happen here: Lives are changed and our community and country becomes a better place.

Join us, and together we will continue to make this happen for more and more precious children.
Your help, to help us, help one child at a time.

Hilary Price
CEO and Co-Founder

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